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About Our Company

Crypto Hash Miners is an Optimal Wealth Management Company with emphasis on Wealth Management, Wealth Creation, Trades and Digital Assets usage. We offer various insured services capable of generating and returning good profit yield on crypto assets in the Blockchain through trading on a wide range of Instrument Categories. Crypto Hash Miners has qualified financiers/traders that manage and provide financial consulting services to her investors. We pride ourselves with a world class professional customer service, unique trading strategies, optimum transparency and fidelity. Funds Invested with Crypto Hash Miners can with Withdrawn, Transfered or Reinvested at will.

More than 365 days of trading service

Trading service is fully integrated with our Trading Trainings and Seminars, this is a company that provides comprehensive, high quality and reliable investments, trading & passive incomes earning for clients from any part of the world.
Our diligent management and work ethic are central to leaving a landmark in the world of internet marketing, crypto trading, and investment returns.
We pride ourselves as experts in these fields and we offer premium service.

Licensed & Regulated

Licensed & Regulated

We also offer negative balance protection, meaning your balance never goes below zero and ensuring a high-standard of consumer protection.


Crypto deposits

We accept deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins.

Our Team

Crypto Hash Miners
Nicholas Drake

General Manager

Crypto Hash Miners
Emalina Rhodes

Customer Service Manager

Crypto Hash Miners
Shane Adams

Lead Admin & Head of Recruitment


Client oriented

We serve as if we are serving ourselves, we value the feedback and use it to improve our work.

Good RIO Oriented

We carefully chose the best and most profitable trading methods to get amazing results.

Expansion / Growth

We make ourselves known in the community; we create long term relations, while constantly expanding. Therefore, we are always bringing in more people to work for us.

Are you looking for a stable, reliable, guaranteed weekly income? Crypto Hash Miners offers a range of options to make the most off your investment. Get involved to discover the power of trading.

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